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Hi! I’m Sunisha! (Pronounced, “Sun” like Sunshine, and “Ish” like Fish.) I am so happy that you decided to visit Everyday Grateful Mom! I always like to know a little bit about the person behind the words that I read, so this is the perfect place to introduce myself and to share a bit more about who I am with you. 

As you probably gathered by the shirt in the picture, I am from the south…North Carolina to be exact. I have lived many places but this is where I have settled and have no intentions of leaving…but I’m always open to new opportunities and adventures if they come my way! I am a mom to the sweetest, funniest, kindest, and animal lovingest (yes, that’s now a word) little girl.

I have been a divorced and single mom, but I am now remarried to a man who is my biggest supporter, protector, and comedic relief when I need it, and who loves me more than I ever knew possible. Marrying him led me to my new role as a stepmother, to a sweet young man…hello teenage years! I am also a daughter to two amazing parents, and a big sister to an equally amazing brother. Family has always been the center of my world and I am so grateful to have one who has always been there to support and cheer me on.

Beyond my family roles I have had several professional roles as well. I have a bachelors degree in Child Development and Family Relations with a concentration in Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Education from East Carolina University (GO PIRATES!!). I also have a masters degree in Child Life from ECU, and am a Nationally Certified Child Life Specialist. 

about Everyday Grateful Mom

I have been a teacher in multiple classrooms, including toddler, pre-school, and inclusive pre-school classrooms. I was a nanny for a WONDERFUL family for about 5 years, with 3 children who I loved as my own. I was also a Child Life Specialist at a local children’s hospital for 11 years. In this role I supported children and families through scary and difficult moments during their hospital stay, while also providing age appropriate education about the hospital environment, procedures, and diagnosis’.

In 2021 I moved to a new role at a local nonprofit as a Child and Family Advocate, supporting children and teens who have experienced abuse (sexual, physical, neglect), and their families. I am now enjoying a new role at this same nonprofit as a Forensic Interviewer, and am trained in the RADAR and RADAR JR. models for interviewing. In this role I have the honor of talking to children and teens and providing a comfortable and safe space for them to tell their story, sometimes for the first time.

My passion and interests have always led me to work with children and families, including many volunteer experiences as well. I have worked in numerous summer and weekend camps for children and teens as a counselor. I have also been a volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes. I have experience working with and supporting children and teens of all abilities and backgrounds. These experiences have all contributed to my knowledge and skills, and to who I am as a person and mother, and I am so grateful for them all.

About Everyday Grateful Mom Blog

In order to decompress from sometimes challenging days at work, or to just add some fun to my life, I have many hobbies I enjoy. I love to hike in the woods or mountains, go for walks, practice yoga, dance exercise (when no one is looking!), travel, read a good book, have dance parties with my daughter, go to concerts, and spend time with friends and family. I also love personal development and learning about myself; what makes me tick and why. Learning and growing and becoming the best version of myself is exciting and fun!

I look forward to learning about my followers and value your thoughts, feedback, questions, and your own “aha!” moments. Thank you for going on this journey with me!

With so much love and gratitude,


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